The concept behind the Erwin List Ensemble

Twin objectives 

Since its inception, the Erwin List Ensemble has pursued twin objectives;


On the one hand, it is the creation, for the long haul, of an ensemble able to take on major, demanding works to a high standard of quality, involving: the choir or the orchestra alone, the choir and the orchestra combined, with or without soloists. The idea is to be able to propose programmes using “variable geometry” appropriate to the performance venue, with smaller groups, where necessary.


On the other hand, it is to “deliver” classical music in places where it is performed too infrequently, particularly in smaller centres of population, aiming to defeat the myth of classical music being an art form for the elite.


Since its inception, the Ensemble has encountered many times the interest shown by listeners with little musical knowledge. The universally humane nature of the music means that the spectator who is listening to a “Live” concert of classical music for the first time cannot but be enchanted by such music which she or he thought was of no personal interest.


Performing such music is, for the members of the Ensemble, a matter of great good fortune and a source of pleasure, both musical and on a human level; It strikes us as important that we should share this with our audience. The pleasure they derive from listening complements the pleasure we derive from working on these musical oeuvres.


Reinforced by these beliefs, the Ensemble has already given more than 45 concerts, primarily in Vendée, performing about 40 different pieces since it began in December 2013.

The Media have said of us: 

2 December 2015 - La Roche-sur-Yon

“The Ensemble Erwin List is one of those rare musical entities which brings together singers and musicians under the same director”

9 December 2013 – La Pommeraie-sur-Sèvre

“Jean- Sébastien Bach’s Concerto in D Minor for 2 violins, Henry Purcell’s Sonata in D Major for trumpet and strings and Antonio Vivaldi’s Gloria, performed by the Ensemble Erwin List delighted the audience.”

22 December 2014 – Pouzauges

“The Mayoress, Michelle Deyanne declared “The rafters vibrated, the vocal chords vibrated, the violins vibrated, and the audience felt and responded to those vibes. We express our thanks to the Ensemble Erwin List for this Christmas Concert in the church of Saint-Jacques. A record. More than 500 in the audience able to enjoy these works performed by this amateur ensemble”