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Association Ensemble Erwin List

71 bd Aristide Briand - BP 128

85000 La Roche sur Yon

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Loïc Chevalier : (+33) 06 61 05 47 84 

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Patrice Guérin : (+33) 07 71 26 15 34

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Christine Pallard : (+33) 06 86 11 38 59

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Margaux Daniaud & Stanislas de la Vergne 

Words of appreciation

Such good fortune to have listened to you, to have felt the incredible energy which each one of you transmits to the audience, the kindness and welcome from Loïc and from all of you. I felt I wanted to play the violin, to sing, to play everything from the piano to the flute to the percussion, in short, everything. But not knowing how to do any of that, I registered all the vibes you transmitted and it was marvellous. I felt the splendour of the songs, of all the music, thanks to you.