Nous soutenir

The Ensemble Erwin List Association is a recognized association of general interest and can therefore receive donations which entitle the recipient to a reduction in income tax. A tax receipt will be issued for each donation (Art. 200 and 238 bis of the general tax code)

Why support us?
  • To promote a rare musical formation bringing together singers and instrumentalists under the baton of the same conductor.

  • To bring amateur music practice to the highest level of quality possible.

  • To bring classical music where it goes only too little and to the greatest number, in particular to free it from its image of elitist art.

  • To participate in an intergenerational musical and human adventure.

  • To highlight the human and universal dimension of music.

  • To bring to the public not what they like, but what they might like (Jacques Chancel).

Who are our partners ?
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Specific assistance for Bizet's "L'Arlésienne" show project: parliamentary reserve for Sylviane Bulteau , MP and departmental councilor for Vendée.