Educational Initiatives  

Initiatives within schools 

The Ensemble Erwin List has given itself a mission to transmit and to share music with as many people as possible. We try to reach out to different types of listeners, in different places, from different spheres, etc.

We have registered that the younger generations are less in touch with the culture of classical music. Consequently, we become involved in schools with different age-groups (the equivalents of 1st and 3rd Forms taking Music as a core subject at Baccalaureate, etc.) and we provide some musical education.

In close cooperation with their music and French teachers, we seek to set out a programme which clearly shows links to the young students’  scholastic programme, so as to give substance to the taught theory.

For example, we participated in 2019 within 2 colleges in La Roche-sur-Yon with pupils in the equivalent of 3rd Form. On the programme, operatic airs with 4 soloists: 2 sopranos, 1 tenor and 1 bass.

After having explored in class the different vocal registers, music types, airs and composers, our soloists demonstrated different airs, Lieder, oratorios, duos, etc. in different languages and from different periods.

Some notes provided afterwards by pupils: 

"My favourite bit was the air sung by Pluton, because as well as singing the operatic part he was at the same time playing a (theatrical) scene, he was able to make us feel his emotions and we could really imagine the scene"  

Marlène 4G


"This concert, it was like a lesson, only better, with real examples. It was brilliant! " 

Titouan 4F

"I loved this concert because you could really see that the people singing were happy to be doing it and it was impressive to hear how they were able to go from very high-pitched notes down to deep ones" 

Perrine 4F