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CD Summer 2016

Antonio VIVALDI (1678 – 1741)

Concerto pour flûte à bec "La Tempesta di Mare" RV 433 (soliste et orchestre)

Muzio CLEMENTI (1752 – 1832)

Symphonie opus 18 n°1 (orchestre)

Joseph HAYDN (1732 – 1809)

Theresienmesse (solistes, chœur et orchestre)

First of all, please let yourself be carried away to the heart of a storm on the High Seas, with the Concerto for recorder "La Tempesta di Mare" by  Vivaldi, the repeated progressions through scales  represent angry waves and the rapid succession of  notes creating the image of a very troubled sea.

Next you will hear a piece which is considerably calmer, in a classical style, with the Symphony Opus 18 n°1 by Clementi, in which the sonority of the orchestra is enriched by the inclusion of some wind instruments.

To conclude, the Theresienmesse by Haydn, composed for four soloist voices, choir and orchestra, will enable you to discover the simply remarkable composition of this work. It is both complete and varied, the accomplishment of a composer at the peak of his creativity and admired by his contemporaries.